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About Us


I have worked as a broker and consultant for over 40 years and have developed some special working relationships with some

very talented people and organisations.

 Three of those people have joined me in forming ixxios to better leverage our knowledge, experience and contacts.

Ixxios is a coming together of four highly experienced business professionals with over 115 years of combined specialist

knowledge in Financing, Insurance, Company and Product Development.

We work separately, but with the ability to draw on each other's expertise as required or as a team, depending on the demands

of the project.

Ixxios - London UK, Denver USA




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Ixxios act as brokers in securing development capital for early-stage companies, and project funding for credit-worthy organisations, with particular emphasis on Energy Efficiency & Renewables programs.

Ixxios acts as introducers and consultants for organisations looking to develop or introduce insurance-backed products and services or requiring complex cover solutions across various markets.

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